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.....Local Environmental Info goes Global
ECOLEX - GLOBAL is the way by which local environmental developments in Argentina reach an international scope. Our expert-team selects, integrates and translates the load of related information, thus making it available to the international community.

Who are the main destinataries?

• Foreign investors that reap the benefits of counting with valuable preliminary information.

• Cross-border business operators who take into account an area that increasingly permeates the business background.

• Law firms interested to be abreast of eco-legal trends in a globalized world.

• International environmental analysts and policy makers who wish to acquire a worldwide view.

• Universities and Academic Centres that seek out multiple sources of related information.

• Journalists who search for first-hand and unbiased data.

• NGO's and the general public interested in knowing how are environmental issues managed within the boundaries of one of the richest nations in natural resources. Indeed, concern in this subject recognizes no frontiers, due to the fact that negligence in ecological protection may well impact upon the farthest corners of the world.

ECOLEX - ENGLISH EDITION: The DIGEST is a yearly hard-copy English edition containing all the pertaining local environmental information, updated on-line throughout the year.

Main features include developments in case law, legislative evolution, landmark cases, relevant executive branch's actions and other related news.

The 2007's Edition is available upon request -This item is currently out of stock. To order a reprint, contact: